Smash Palace

New Summoning Card is released as the ‘Blood & Mortar’ campaign re-surfaces

‘Blood & Mortar’ crew and supporters crashed The Front, at the Lyneham shops, this past cold Monday evening, gathering around a roaring fire-bin and opening minds and hearts to the particular magic which is the campaign to bring the story of our capital’s deepest darkest secret to light.

On an auspicious full moon night, MC Hepburn sacrificed the effigy of policy and procedure. Blood and Mortar is ready to ditch the bureaucracy in favour of spontaneity and productivity.

MC Hepburn

A new collectible summoning card was released, and manifested itself in the Front Gallery space.

Card 7 manifestation

Card 7 – The Chariot

The First Australian Chief (face of Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges) adorns this card. Bridges, mysteriously, was the only soldier to be repatriated after his death at Gallipoli and have his tomb designed by Burley Griffin himself. Two sphinxes, with the faces of rival Prime Ministers throughout the Capital’s foundation years, Cook and Fisher, lie harnessed to the chariot, the ultimate power source of which is a far deeper mystery still.

Smash Palace continued inside the front, with beers and stencil cutting to promote the blog and spread the word!

Front Crafternoon

Teffany and Anna consider possible stencil designs and ponder moustache possibilities.



‘Blood & Mortar’ is a feature film project undertaken by the cultural phenomenon C. Edge, known as Centenary Edge from March 2013 – March 2014. ‘Blood & Mortar’ seeks to get behind the capital’s boosted façade, revealing frightening details of its deepest darkest secret and its re-emergence in the present time. ‘Blood & Mortar’ is now looking for brave participants… especially acting talent.

If you are interested in engaging with this darkly revelatory production then please make contact with one of its cultural agents asap.


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